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Wedding Trousseau: Not Only Brushes

July 17, 2019 by wedchief

#Realstory of founder

Founder : Saru Goyal

Wedding Trousseau

I left my job of a lead engineer to pursue my interest in art and craft and gift items. I always liked art so, I used to take out some time from the busy schedule and used to paint. As a result when I got married, I decided to package everything myself because I belong to Punjab where wedding trousseau packaging culture is not as popular as in metro cities. So,  I packed groom’s outfit, mother in law outfits in trays and in normal saree bags.

About Not Only Brushes

Wedding Trousseau

As name suggests they deal with wide variety of gift solutions for weddings like wedding trousseau, paintings, handmade flowers for event decoration, soy wax candles. In paintings they don’t have normal oil paintings. They deal in Indian arts like Persian art, jewellery art on marble, fusion art, strings art etc. Customisations can be done as per client requirements.

Take Wedding trousseau to another level

Wedding Trousseau

Wedding trousseau is a very essential part of every Indian wedding. Say no to the old packaging method and contact Not Only Brushes for your wedding and take  trousseau packing to another level.

Wedding Trousseau

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Wedding Trousseau

CompanyName: NotOnlybrushes

CampanyAddress: A1,Sai mahal,Sai baba complex

City: Mumbai

State: Maharashtra

ContactPerson : Saru Goyal

Designation : Founder

: notonlybrushes@gmail.com
: +91 9971989826

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