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Photographer: JK Creatives

July 9, 2019 by wedchief

#Realstory of Two Photographers

We are Jithu & Anju; It all began with us…

Once upon a time, we were two IT professionals madly in love with each other. As our wedding bells rang, we remember having to settle with the available photographers. There were a few nudges – the uneventful IT life, the lack of quality options in our part of the country and the magic touch called “candid photography”. The cherry on top of these was a fire in us in the form of an undying passion for cameras. It was only a matter of time before we had to don the role of wedding photographers…
Five years down the line, each story has been amazing as anticipated and no matter where or when, we – the two of us and our little team – have had a ball of a time!

JK Creatives is a Coimbatore based Candid Wedding Photography Team who loves capturing endearing expressions, magical moments and those evocative split seconds. They have immense love for photography and believe in filling every minute of their lives with 60 seconds of fun and dramatic emotions. With them around, complete amusement is a guarantee! Be at ease as they weave and deliver an enchanting photo story out of your fairy tale. A story is always there inevitably and it begins way before your wedding day. They join the dots through each frame and spin a beautiful narrative. This makes them one of the best wedding photographers in town.

Services Provided by JK Creatives

  • Candid Photography

  • Candid Wedding Films

  • Pre/Post Wedding Outdoor Shoot

  • Traditional Wedding Shoot

Honest, creative, epic storytelling for those who are wildly in love!!

We’ve all heard the phrase – “a picture speaks a thousand words”, so a video much more!! And these are the words JK Creatives live by. Memories are the timeless treasures and when those are captured in the most perfect way possible, it becomes priceless treasures like the treasure box at the end of the rainbows. For JK Creatives, their clients are the most special ones and they make sure they’re satisfied and happy at the end of the day. They travel across India to make your Big Day all the more magical!

So, why not hire them?

Love @ 24FPS

They try to make each wedding film a unique one. Again, they don’t have a framework to make your film, they let it happen. They let the creativity and craziness flow and put in some magic potions… You won’t hear the most trending song play in your film or the tried-and-tested shots that you come across in every other wedding video. Instead, everything will make perfect sense, and that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

So, brace yourselves – rolling soon is “Love @ 24FPS”

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Wedding Photographers

CompanyName: JK Creatives

CampanyAddress: 2nd Floor, No.19, Brindavan, Sri Devi Nagar, CMS School ,Backside, Rabindranath Tagore Rd, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu -641006

City: Coimbatore

State: Tamil Nadu

ContactPerson: Jithesh Kumar

Designation: Creative Head

: hello@jkcreatives.com
: 9894277650

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