It’s good to start a new phase of the life by not harming the nature. If you look at the current  scenario, Indian weddings harm the nature in many ways. It pollutes the environment in all the way. People throw garbage, waste the food, burn crackers etc. Just think once, you’ll realize how badly are we treating the nature, especially during wedding.

Wedding is once in a lifetime experience, it’s good to make it memorable and even better to make it eco-friendly.

What’s an eco-friendly wedding?? A wedding which does not harm the environment in any manner.

How to plan such a wedding??

These are some ways to make your wedding eco friendly and much more happening.

1.Avoid wasting food: 

Ask your caterers to prepare food & menu according to the number of guests. Also, if you’re visiting anu wedding then take limited food in your plate and don’t waste it.

2.Avoid crackers: 

Baarat is a very common tradition in Indian weddings, people burn crackers during that, don’t use crackers and avoid spreading noise and air pollution.

3.Don’t throw plastics: 

it’s majorly seen that people throw plastics on the roads during baarat. Avoid doing that. These were some of the tips. Hope you like it, don’t forget to visit  for more such content.

4.Send E-Wedding Cards: 

eco friendly
eco friendly

Printing wedding cards on paper are useless, people usually throw them after the wedding. It’s better to use E-Cards and say no to the usage of paper and harmful ink.

5.Don’t waste Electricity: 

Weddings must be bright but using lights unnecessarily is a waste of energy. Use lamps which consume less power.

6. Biodegradable cutlery & plates:

use Natural Bamboo Cutlery to eco-friendly Colored Plates and Compostable Cups and Bowls or just switch to the stainless steel. Avoid using plastic

These were some tips & tricks to make your wedding Eco-Friendly. We actually need to save the resources for our future generation. Let’s not waste it and harm the nature. Plan a eco friendly wedding and share this blog with others and motivate them to do the same.


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