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Fate Bringing Soulmates Together, Story of Dharam & Rajvi

Stories of soulmates reuniting

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Stories of soulmates reuniting
Stories of soulmates reuniting

Story where two soulmates met each other unknown of the fact that from now onwards they are going to be together for rest of their lives. Looking at their pictures & Videos made us all realise that true love really exists.

Everything from dance, music, theme to everything was so perfect that it made us stop & stare. Here’s everything you might want to know about the wedding of Dharam & Rajvi.


Stories of soulmates reuniting
Stories of soulmates reuniting

A soulmate is one of those terms people like to throw away or ignore because of their belief system but you don’t have to search for a soulmate, instead you need to recognize them. A soulmate is someone to whom we feel profoundly connected, as though the communicating and communing that take place between us were not the product of intentional efforts, but rather a divine grace.

One fine day, Dharam found his Rajvi in a party, they totally felt that connection right after their mutual friend introduced them to each other. Both of them started dating and one day they decided to get together for their entire life, they got married.

The Wedding

The wedding was held at Hotel Tiptop Plaza, Dubai. The hotel itself managed the entire wedding, right from the decor, catering to everything that’s important to make a wedding successful. It was a big fat Indian traditional wedding but to mix some more fun, a pool party was organized too. So, everything from pre-wedding ceremony to the wedding, was arranged just the way the couple wanted it to be. The love they have for each other, you can clearly see it in the pictures.

This was meant to happen and it happened so beautifully, to see more of this celebration of togetherness, you can follow #DharamkiRajvi on Instagram. The wedding of Dharam & Rajvi was a big hit.

Name: Chetan Bhanushali (Instagram Manager)

Make up & hair : Riya & urvi

Cinematography: Smit Chedda

Venue & Event Organizer : Hotel Tiptop plaza (tiptopexcellancy), Amit Shah & jaydeep shah

Instagram Handle Manager : Chetan Bhanushali

: +91 8169075671/9769644239