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Some Fun and Affordable Ways to Personalize Your Engagement

June 29, 2019 by Kirti Singh

Engagement ceremonies are large, elegant parties, but they don’t have to cost as much as you think. With a little creativity and some do-it-yourself know-how, you can create a romantic atmosphere for your big day. Yes, it is best to choose the DIY route, I can tell you this because I have done this for my engagement ceremony. The following tricks and tips will help you personalize your wedding in the budget, just the way it helped me. So, read till the end & tell me in the comments, which one you liked the most. 

1. Welcome Guide:


Have an intricately planned series of events and jot it down on beautifully crafted paper. You can have the same printed on A4 sheets and stick it on handmade paper to create a jazzy base. This will give your guests a welcome feeling and will enable them to have a hang of the entire event and what to look forward to! Not to forget, this too can serve as a memorabilia for your event as a gift to your guests!

2. Picture Gallery:


Place wall sliders, rolling pictures either in hardcopy or on the LED. Most of the hotels have these LEDs which can be availed for free. Having the hard copies placed in a section too can be interesting for the guests to revisit your happy times and will also have their attention span which can garner a lot of appreciation for you as a host.

3. Use Feathers:


Feathers are known to be angelic and are considered to be a happy omen. Use these handmade cut-outs or easily available feathers from market to write names, decorate gifts and personalize handwritten notes. This will be unique and appealing at the same time. Either use one colour which is used as a theme for your event or goes for vibrant variety.

4. Gifts to in-laws:


Words can make a real difference. Use quotes, one-liners, poems, and even songs to express your affection and emotions. This can not only increase your rapport but also makes you stand out as an intellectual and witty personality.

5. Decorate Goodies:


Make handmade boats/kites with colored papers to decorate the goodies. Efforts and emotions can well be seen through handmade stuff. Both boats and kites can be easily made in origami and a variety of colors can completely change the look and feel of the décor.

6. Plants as return gifts:


Try gifting small succulent plants with small thank you tags having names of bride and groom. This not only shows that you care for the environment but also comes as creative, cool personalized gifts in inexpensive pricing. Additionally, you can be sure that your gift is used for some productive purpose and will not be found thrown unattended after someday at your guest’s place. Instead, it might take a centerpiece on study tables, office desks or even placed significantly adorning the drawing rooms.

7. DIY decorations:


Instead of having the stuff packed from outside, try doing it by yourself. A simple newspaper packing with handprints can add an irresistible look to your décor and gifts.

8. Skip hiring entertainers:


We all have ardent singers, choreographers, and designers in our families. Gather your family members and friends to synchronize few dance steps, give lead to volunteers, plan small “Antakshari” singing sessions, dumb charades, make few people do some sheer-o-Shayari, have someone lead the stage, try engaging games for the audience so that everyone in the room feels engaged and rejoice the entire event.

9. Use lights:


We all have white Christmas/Diwali lights at our place. These can be used to create a selfie corner with some basic squares where people can fit in their faces to have effulgent pictures.

10. Tie Ribbons:

Seat covers can be expensive to rent. You can have affordable ribbons to create a theme. You can tie bows with these ribbon in and around the seating arrangement.

11. Add a Water Feature:

A nice addition to the entrance of your reception would be a water fountain. These are available at affordable prices. You can also have it placed near handmade selfie-corners

12. Decorate food:

Have a food item which can serve as the signature dish of your event, preferably something sweet. Think of a martini glass with a sticker tag in which you can pour in some ice-cream or delicacies. The utensil can be branded or the spoons can have an attached stick displaying gratitude message for attending the ceremony.

13. Add Candles, lights, plants, and tags 

Candles, lights and plants will decorate the ambience. These easy and cheap hacks can lit up your environment and add jazz to the pictures too.

14. Have a theme color:

It is critical to have a theme color. You can simply brand your e-invites, dresses, food, gifts, feathers, ambiance to have a holistic impact.

15. Hand made ring holder


Last but not least, set up a terrarium or base to carry your engagement rings instead of buying a stereotype ring holder (As shown in the picture). You can take a crystal bowl, add some goodies to create an environment within that bowl and have the rings places for bride and groom to sink in their hands to exchange rings. This is a critical piece as all the eyes will be on the ring holder. You can have 2-4 pictures placed on a base and have a planter placed with some wooden sticks. The rings can be placed in those sticks. A little different approach and some efforts can have a lost lasting impact on the audience without spending too much!!

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