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7 Pre wedding Shoot ( Funny Ideas )

April 14, 2019 by wedchief

What is pre wedding shoot 

Pre wedding shoot is not a new trend these days. From the name itself, “Pre” wedding is shot before wedding. Couples who are engaged and soon going to get married hire a professional team of photographers and if the photographers good, they will click some really beautiful pictures of the couple at various locations and even shoot a short video for them.
You must decide the right kind of location and you must know what to wear on your funny pre wedding shoot.

Are you also find those romantic and cute pre wedding shoot a little boring?

Yes, we know, A pre wedding shoot is one of the most memorable shoots. In which two souls meet each other in the way they are. Pre wedding shoot defines how LOVE has grown with them, it shows their actual Chemistry and bonding and we have to accept this fact that life after marriage is not at all a fairy tale so why the wedding shoot ideas should be?

So it is necessary to start funny pre wedding shoot journey with fun station.

 It’s one of the best time to spend where each moment is special and time which never gonna come back. So it is necessary to make this shoot the best shoot of life. Here are some fun ideas for doing a Pre wedding photoshoot.

Pre wedding shoots
Pre wedding shoots

Cute pre wedding shoot

Pre wedding is the beginning of spreading love in all over your vicinity. It should be beautiful cute and full of love vibes. A cute pre wedding shoot doesn’t need much efforts if you have chosen a perfect place and atmosphere that suites your vibes and with this just a shining smile and a touch of simplicity is enough.

Pre wedding photoshoot is not just a regular photoshoot, this is the best memory one can ever have and by adding beauty, cuteness and quality you can get your best memories captured forever. An idea of a cute pre wedding photoshoot is never out of trend and will always make you feel the warmth of your love.

Wedding photoshoot

In this era of selfies doing photoshoots is so common but there is always something which is irreplaceable and wedding photoshoot is that thing. Capturing the starting moments of joy and happiness with you partner can never be compared with any other pictures or videos and may be this is why the importance of wedding photoshoot is increasing day by day.

Pre wedding photography ideas

Photoshoot is one of the most creative work ever because every time it needs to come up with different ideas and when it comes on wedding photoshoot it needs much more efforts. Yes, to get pre wedding photography ideas are not that easy but once you started knowing  the trends and specially the interests of your partners and yours it will become the best part of your life.

Unique pre wedding ideas

As pre wedding is once in a lifetime moment everybody wants it to be exclusive and unique for them and now a days the photographers, planners and specially the couples are having tons of unique pre wedding ideas which can add up the crisp not only in the photoshoot but in the whole life after wedding.

Girls, as you are always the best selector between you two so why don’t you choose your favourite idea among these crazy pre wedding photoshoot ideas, here are some kickass and funny photoshoot you should add up to your bucket list….

  • First one is swapping your body half. It’s the top of the funny photo list…LOL- why not? When he is your soul half why can’t he be your body half.

  • This photo is a bomb. It describes how excited is this couple in their journey.one of the best.,-don’t get me wrong but excitement is necessary.

  • When the GROOM try to escape from you. The way he surrenders to you…giggles- You know this is what he is gonna try for rest of his life, Right?

  • It’s different and quite funny creating funny miniatures of you and your GROOM- Look, Family planning should start from starting.

  • And it’s not the last but the least make your GROOM surprise by inviting his squad to your pre-wedding shoot. He’s gonna remember this precious moment in his lifetime.,- Because this is the only time ‘you’ will get the chance to call his squad, maybe..

  • And it’s not the last but the least make your GROOM surprise by inviting his squad to your pre-wedding shoot. He’s gonna remember this precious moment in his lifetime.,

  • And the last of our list when your GROOM screams HELP!!!!!!…..and you suddenly become WONDER WOMEN only for him…Blush..,

So, BRIDES should try any of these funny pre wedding photoshoot ideas to make your pre wedding photoshoot the best photoshoot of your life.

Pre wedding shoots
funny pre wedding photos

What to wear for a pre wedding shoot?

Before you move further, you should first know what kind of pre wedding shoot you are going to have, what’s the concept, location & the theme.
Discuss it with your Photographer and pick the best dress for yourselves.
1. Match the dress with your partner.
2. You can wear a western dress, the bride can wear a beautiful gown and groom can just suit up.
3. You can totally go with the Indian wear, inspired from the bollywood. Bride can wear a plain saree with long pallu and groom can wear a matching shirt which is an oversized one. Remember ShahRukh & Kajol in Suraj Hua Maddham?
4. Change dresses according to the location & the concept, don’t just stick to one dress.
5. Be comfortable in whatever you wear, so pick the most comfortable costume for your pre wedding.
Before you pick any colour discuss it with your photographers, they will suggest you what kind of dress & what colour you need to pick to make your pre wedding shoot flawless.

pre wedding photoshoot ideas india

places for funny pre wedding shoot are given below :

  • Tajmahal, Agra.
  • Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi.
  • National Rail Museum, Delhi.
  • Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Kumarakom, Kerala.
  • Alleppey, Kerala.

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