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Photography by Vikas Kukreja

April 19, 2019 by wedchief

Photography Vikas Kukreja

A picture speaks a thousand words. It enlightens the faintest memories and gets the heart brimming with joy. I was always fond of clicking pictures. Picking up the camera to click random shots during graduation days was my favourite hobby. An inquisitiveness to learn about photography was always there. I dabbled in the field for a year before I finally realised that clicking pictures gives me solace. I finally found something that completely resonated with me and that I would like to take up seriously.


The next step was- What kind of photography? Beauty can be found in the most humble things and the universe has countless of them. But where can you find all the drama, colours, people and the most picturesque locations in one place? Yeah, that’s weddings. Hep and happening and full of life, I decided weddings to be my inspiration. I am doing a lot of wedding projects now and freelancing as a wedding photographer.


From candid photography to cinematography, Vikaskukrejaphotography does it all. Coming up with creative ways to make the pictures worth remembering is something we are very adept in. We just don’t see your wedding as a project, we strive hard to make it memorable for you in albums even after 50 years. Professional photography is the principle rule we abide by. Client’s happiness comes first so there are meeting sessions to understand their psyche. It’s not just about clicking pictures but taking multiple shots and editing them for full satisfaction.

You can visit our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube profiles to see the kind of work we do. Wedding is a one time thing and the most important day of one’s life, so make like that. Contact us on 8305444007 or email at vikaskukrejaphotography@gmail.com for more details.

Name : Vikas Kukreja

Business : Photographer – Indore

: vikaskukrejaphotography@gmail.com
: 8305444007

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