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No One Can Stop Love; Not Even Coronavirus

June 5, 2020 by wedchief

Getting Married In 2020 & COVID-19 Has Ruined Your Wedding Plans?
If you were supposed to get married in 2020, we know that pandemic has affected all your wedding plans and you might be disheartned with the fact that you can’t imagine to have a grand wedding atleast this year. It is tough to cancel everything that you might have planned for your dream wedding but you know what, Cheer Up!
We are here to help you plan the 2020 weddings in a different way. Planning for your big day involves lot of things but when it happens to be in the midst of the Coronavirus Crisis, there are a lot of things you can’t avoid and despite of these things, you can still enjoy your wedding because after all, it’s not just the wedding day, it’s also the marriage, you are going to celebrate for rest of your lives. These are few things you can keep in mind whether you’re planning your wedding in lockdown or post lockdown
1. Location Hunt: You may not have much option for your wedding venue but we would suggest you to have your wedding at your home, because it is the most safest place. But if you have already booked you venue before the pandemic then contact your venue and ask them if they are taking care of all the guildlines and maitaining proper hygiene. Give a proper check to every facility and see that staff is following the rules too.
2. Guest List: According to the rules and guidelines, you can’t have more than 50 guests in your wedding. So, make sure that you just invite the close ones and do not exceed the limit because you don’t want your wedding to turn into a disaster. Ask your guest if they’re healthy enough to attend your wedding and if they are ill for any reason, request them to stay home. If you’re having your wedding at home than we would suggest you to have just your family involved, because during this time, staying safe is the most important thing.

3. Safety First: Make sure that there is a proper arrangements made keeping in mind the safety and hygiene issues. Social Distancing is the key, make sure people maintain a distance, sanitize their hands more often, everyone should wear the protection masks and make sure that your venue gets sanitized atleast twice a day.

PC: Paran Singh Photography
Bride: Bhavdeep Kaur

4. Food & Beverages: Now, how do you know that the food served to you is healthy and safe? Pick the most trustable caterer, ask the venue to arrange their in house caterer and tell them to have a check on them. See if they’re maintaining proper hygiene and ask them to take a medical assessment of each their employees. Keep the food menue short, we need to cut down on everything. Also, see if your guests are dumping their used glasses in the dustbin and they’re maintaing hygiene as well.

PC: Paran Singh Photography
Bride: Bhavdeep Kaur

5. Glam Up & Set A New Trend: 2020 wedding trends have been totally changed after what the world is going through but you know what. No matter what the situation is, you can still shine and set a trend of your own. Weddings during Coronavirus Pandemic are not just planned differently but it is the new way of celebrating, that know one thought they could. Designer bridal masks are so much in trend these days, even grooms are matching up their masks with their sherwanis. You can customize the masks for your guests and guess what, it will be the most sweetest guesture. Also, don’t forget to sanitize your outfits before you wear them.

PC: Paran Singh Photography
Bride: Bhavdeep Kaur

6. Just Family Ceremony: Gone are the days when big fat Indian wedding was the dream of every couple, now the definition of weddings has changed. And this new kind of weddings can be cost saving and beautiful in its own ways.

7. Gifts & Favors: What could be the most perfect wedding favor during this time? Gift your guests a protection kiy which involves sanitizers, grooming kit and handcrafted masks. They’ll love it
No matter what so ever the situation is, no one can stop you from loving your partner and after all what we are going through, you can still plan a beautiful wedding. Don’t let Corona ruin your plan, infact plan your 2020 wedding in a different way.
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