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Planning for a Monsoon Wedding?

Happy rainy days are here and if you’re getting married during the rainy season, then this blog is just for you. This may sound scary and people might suggest you to avoid having a wedding during such a wet season because the rain can probably spoil your fun but planning for a monsoon wedding is not as bad as it sounds. Getting married in monsoon can be very romantic, You just need to plan for it properly and prepare the back-up in advance.
Here are some tips & tricks to make your monsoon wedding a fun affair:

1. Say no to open-air venue

Banquets are best for a monsoon wedding, it won’t spoil the fun and will keep you away from all the rainy hassle going outside. Avoid any open air gardens or discuss this with the management and arrange for a temporary waterproof roof covering in advance.

2. Food Inspection

Food is a major concern during this time, make sure & inspect that your caterers take care of all the hygiene and maintain the quality of food. After all, none of your guests would like to suffer from food poisoning just after you get married.

3. Plan a rain dance party

Planning a rain disco can be a very good idea for any of your pre-wedding ceremonies. Plan for some exciting games, dance on some very cliché Bollywood numbers like Tip-Tip Barsa Pani and make memories for rest of your life.

4. Waterproof & light makeup

Go for a light & waterproof makeup. The most important thing to keep in mind while doing makeup for a monsoon wedding is that you should always go for a light makeup because if you put thousand layers of makeup on your face it will be clearly visible due to the moisture present in the climate. Also, make sure to use only the waterproof makeup products and you know the reason.

5. Guest Management

Talk to the staff of the venue, ask & discuss about the arrangements they have made for the easy arrival of your guests from the parking area to the venue. Make sure that no one faces any kind of problem and have a hassle free experience.

6. Quirky Monsoon Decoration

Having such a decor that compliments the weather is a great idea. Decorate the venue with some colorful umbrellas and use some vibrant theme for your entire ceremony. Right from the decor to the clothes.
These were some tips and tricks to make your monsoon wedding a fun affair, follow these tips by wedchief.com and have a successful wedding during the rainy season. Tell us in the comments which idea you liked the most and if you have any better & unique idea for the monsoon weddings, then comment down below.

Have a happy monsoon!!