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Makeup Artist Sumeet Bagre

May 8, 2019 by wedchief

Wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and that’s why it should be perfect in every way and talking about perfection,  have you ever thought of planning your look alongside?  In the age of the camera, how you look on your big day stays with you forever. Therefore, it’s important to hire a professional makeup artist who can give you the desired look and highlight your best features. Indore based makeup artist Sumeet Bagre is an experienced and well-trained makeup & hair professional from Fat Mu Make-up Academy, Mumbai and has worked for some renowned beauty salon like B-Blunt,  Lakme and Matrix.

Makeup artistry is not just for females anymore,  Sumeet Bagre has proved this very strongly. He quickly understands what his clients want and accordingly  plans a perfect look for them. He is well trained and experienced in doing every kind of makeup, he provides different packages for different makeup starting from Rs. 5k for normal makeup, Rs. 8k for HD makeup and Rs. 10K for airbrush makeup. From guest makeup to the bride’s and groom’s makeup, he does it all..  He’s one such talented makeup artist who has also worked for films and he  will  surely make you look the best on the biggest day of your life. So, check out his work and contact him for your wedding, he will definitely bring out the most beautiful side of yours. Also, comment down your feedbacks, like and share this blog.

Name : Sumeet Bagre

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