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Dos & Don’ts at Indian Weddings

Have you ever attended any Indian Weddings?

If not then you have landed at the right place. Wedding in India is nothing less than a festival, it’s celebrated with utmost joy and the best thing about the weddings is the traditions that Indians follow. Every culture in India has their own set of traditions but the most common thing in every tradition is the “ethnicity”.

So, Here are some dos and don’ts that you should know before going to an Indian weddings.

Do dress the way you’re supposed to. Try to fit in the culture.

The first thing that you should keep in mind before stepping to an Indian weddings are the clothes you’re going to wear. Weddings here in India is moreover a religious affair, so, dressing up with modesty is really important, no matter whichever gender you belong to. Wear indian traditional clothes, if you’re woman carry a saree, salwar suit, lehenga and for men kurta pajamas are perfect.

Don’t forget to bring a gift

Exchanging gifts in indian weddings is a very common tradition. So, if you’re going to an Indian weddings then don’t forget to carry a gift and if you’re struggling with idea of what to gift, then you must read this https://wedchief.com/7-things-to-gift-newly-weds/. Also, cash filled envelopes are accepted at every wedding here.

Do keep in mind the idea of never ending ceremonies

Wedding ceremonies in india are a never ending affair. It’s a 3-5 day event, starting from different poojas to haldi ceremony to sangeet and finally the wedding in which the groom and the bride tie the knot and promise each other to live together for rest of their lives.

Don’t wear colours like Black & white

Don’t even think to wear black or white  to an Indian weddings because in India white & black are wore in funerals and mourning. So, these two colours are a total no ! Instead, go bright &  colourful.

These were some do’s and don’ts that you should know before going to an Indian wedding. Follow them and enjoy the festival of wedding because there’s nothing like an Indian wedding!

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