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Agni Kula Band

April 26, 2019 by wedchief

Agni Kula Band says “Padharo mhare des”, this is how Rajasthan welcomes everyone to the land of royalty,  which is set in the golden sands of a barren desert landscape. Rajasthan is known for its culture, colourful clothes,  jewellery,  towering forts, but there’s one more thing that has made Rajasthan so popular amongst tourist and that is MUSIC. One of the most interesting things about Rajasthani folk music is that it follows a hierarchy system. Most of the families in this line have a family history of music. Even a five-year-old kid performs with his family,  for many families, it’s the only source of income.

Agni Kula Band

But now folk music is slowly disappearing from mainstream music. Agni Kula band, a folk and Sufi fusion band from the pink city  Jaipur, Rajasthan is trying hard to keep the culture alive and to bring folk music back to the mainstream. Agni Kula has a passion to bring not only Rajasthani folk but various other folk music from the state to a multicultural environment that appeals to varied musical tastes. Apart from folk and Sufi, they also perform Bollywood songs in their concert, they always try to experiment in fusion music to spin the term of folk.

Agni Kula Band

Agni Kula performs in weddings,  corporate events,  product launching, etc.  Every performer is very experienced,  they sing wonderfully, they can mix their tempo to suit your needs, and their music creates a mood. Agni Kula band will surely add colors to your wedding because weddings are incomplete without music and emotions.

Agni Kula Band


Name : Agni Kula

Business : Music Band

: agnikulaband@gmail.com
: +91 96023 57719 (Rahul Solanki)

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