Your Wedding Priority List

It is been said and accepted by many people that ‘you can have a budget for your wedding, but you can’t have a wedding in your budget‘. This is mostly happening because of many unplanned expenses, but you can save more and more money by using your budget in the place that matters to you in short by making a priority list.

So here is the priority list in general which you can use for your wedding.

Bride’s outfit

This is top in the list because this can affect your budget a lot, from the higher range designer outfit to something exclusively made for you in your budget. You can buy it or rent it also, you have to decide according to your needs.


– Hairstylist

A good hairstyle can change your look and for that, you need an experienced hairstylist. A good hairstylist can have higher charges, so in this case, you should survey it and try it once.


– Makeup artist

Makeup is not only about looking good on the other side it should be branded and safe for your skin and spending a little more money on this is worthy and important.


– Bride’s accessories

This is also the topmost thing that can affect your budget because branded and unique accessories are a little costly but as it is for your big day spending some money on it is not any problem.

Groom’s outfit

It is not as expensive as the bride’s outfit but not less than it, as the groom’s outfit trends are also updating day by day it is a must buy an exclusive one.


– Groom’s accessories


Grooms accessories are not that in number but it is necessary to add up crisp in the outfit that’s why it should be in the priority list.


– Ceremony Venue and Reception Venue


These two places could be the same and could be different, it depends on one’s requirements and keeps one thing in mind that book the venue at least before a year or 6 months.


– Photographer and Videographer


To keep that one-day celebration fresh for a lifetime a good photographer and videographer are must, from pre-wedding to the final wedding day they are capturing all your moments, so think before finalize.


– Wedding planner


Planning is necessary for everything and this a perfect planner is one you need. If you think you can manage everything on your own you can skip this point but it is suggested that you should meet some wedding planners to understand why they are important.


– Florist and Ceremony décor


A mesmerizing decoration is necessary to feel that vibes so that’s why a florist and decorator is necessary to add in the priority list.


– Catering


A good food option, arrangement, and presentation are also as important as a good décor.


– Band and DJ


This is the key point of enjoyment and only a good and professional artist can play fun music and engage the crowd.


– Getaway vehicle


Now, this is the last but not the least point, a getaway vehicle is something by which you will gonna start your new journey and it should be worth it.


Whether it is outfit or décor or music, come to us to know about professionals of your city and if you are an artist with fabulous work then share it with us, we will publish an exclusive blog of yours which would be helpful for people to find you. Stay connected with us, because we come up with new blogs everyday.


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