Perfect Wedding Hashtags Ideas By PlanEvents

Perfect Wedding Hashtags Ideas By PlanEvents

 Wedding Hashtags Ideas 

Wedding hashtags have been growing in popularity over the last decade. While they originally made their way to social media from American weddings in the U.S., they have also become a common element in Desi weddings, both in India and abroad.

A recent survey found that most people find Indian wedding hashtags to be important. The American origins of wedding hashtags have made them more compatible with European names.

As a result, creating Desi-friendly wedding hashtags can prove to be challenging. So, has brought to you a few tips in collaboration with to help you jump through your hurdles.

Wedding Hashtag

Choose The Name That Is Easiest To Use In A Hashtag

In other words, if your first name does not rhyme with anything, but your partner’s name does, then use your partner’s name as the basis of the wedding hashtag.

For example, if your partner’s last name is Bhattacharya, and your last name is Bose, it may make sense to use the last name Bose for creating your wedding hashtag.

The reason is because Bose can be used in puns and rhymes with, with more easily. Here are some sample hashtags using the last name Bose:

  • #SheChoseBose

  • #BhattacharyaGoesBose

Words That Rhyme Your Name

Find words that rhyme with the name you choose. One great and free tool that can be used to find rhyming words is

Below is an example that uses the last name Brar, and also uses the phrase “Wish Upon a Star”. The hashtag rhymes Brar with Star.


Wedding Hashtag

A Mixture

Use a mix of alliterations and puns. An alliteration can involve using the same letter for the first word, of multiple words. A pun means to use a play on words to cleverly convey an idea.

Below are a couple of examples. An example of both an alliteration and pun can be used, for a bride who is taking the surname of Singal.


An example of both an alliteration and pun can be used, for a bride who is taking the surname of #TheSiddiquiToMyHeart

Wedding Hashtag

Skip The Names & Go With Abbreviations

For example, the couple in the screenshot went with an abbreviation that used both of their first names (Vin and Mandeep), and their married surname (Panesar). The end outcome was #TheRealMVP2017, which is a play on contemporary American rap and hip hop music.

Wedding Hashtag

So, here was a cool collaboration with If you are looking for some cool wedding hashtags, these tips will totally help you out to pick the best wedding hashtag for you. Share if you like it, comes up with a blog everyday.

Perfect Wedding Hashtags Ideas By PlanEvents

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