6 (Latest) wedding Entry ideas for bride and groom

Brides entry on Palki

Wedding entry ideas for bride and groom


Weddings are already changed their pattern and trends and at present time, all the small details are giving importance.

Nobody can afford to ignore even a single small detail and that is the reason couples are actually stepping out of the box to make their wedding unique and one of a kind.

One of the small detail which is focused nowadays is the couple entry, yes it reached a different level and not less than star entry.

Whether it is a bride entrance ideas like dancing with bridesmaids on entry or groom taking entry like a king people are not behind to admit any new idea.

But still, the best one is when the bride and groom entered together in the ceremony, so below are a few wedding entry ideas for the bride and groom which you should opt for your wedding.


Bridal Entry Ideas

Here are some really cool bridal entry ideas 2020 we spotted at weddings!


1.Want to shine, Sparkle it


No one can resist making a shiny entrance, walking in between sparkle lights really gives you some spectacular pictures and if the ceremony is at night then this is the bride entry idea you should think upon.

You can ask your family and friends to stand either way with light while you entre, this can also be the best memorable picture of yours.

Wedding entry ideas for bride and groom


2.Silhouette Entrance, Appear slowly


It is good to be dramatic sometimes especially when it is for lifetime memory, silhouette entry is something different and fun.

You can start dancing behind the projection screen and then slowly appear in front of all guests, it will give a pleasing experience to your guests and makes gorgeous photographs for you.

Bride and Groom Wedding Entry Ideas


3.Ready for a Ride!

This is for all bike lovers, the swag entry on the bike with your better half sitting behind you and this is not only for the groom, the bride can also ride into function with her better half and this is the best way to represent that you both are going to carry each other in any situation. So be ready for a picture-perfect bike ride.

Bride and Groom Wedding Entry Ideas


4.Dancing on Dhol-Nagadas

This is the most common yet most loved style, enter by dancing on the dhol and nagadas is something, everyone loves.

You can do this with your family and friends or only you and your partner can take this grand entry. Dancing on that beat is the sure-shot win.

Bride and Groom Wedding Entry Ideas


5.Under the shade of flowers

This is an upgraded version of traditional entry and the most elegant style. You can carry a flower umbrella with you or your family and friends hold the shade of flowers for you while you enter.

If you are looking for some fairytale pictures then you should opt for this style.

So, these are some bride and groom entry ideas, comment below which is your favorite idea and you can share if you are having some more ideas. Stay connected with us as we come up with new blogs every day

Bride and Groom Wedding Entry Ideas

Indian Weddings includes awesome music, notable moves, a dramatization with a plenty of characters, and obviously the holding of two families for ages to come.

A wedding in India is presumably the costliest commemoration, not just in the lives of the groom and bride yet in addition of their folks and closed ones.


6.Brides entry Ideas

Brides entry on Palki

bride entry ideas The most communal thing that all brides to-be share in like manner is their fantasy of resembling an entrancing princess on their big day.

To do it right, you need to resemble a Queen as well as enter the wedding scene like a Queen.

Considering all the cutting-edge yet fanciest entries of bride-to-be in a heroic style, i.e., on a regal jeep, motorbike and even on inn baggage trucks, nothing can top the traditional appeal that Raths and Palkis ooze; unalloyed eminence and appeal! Precisely how you would need it to be.

Brides entry on Palki
palki for bride

bride entry in palki is one of the most mesmerised day in their lives for which they are caught up with scavenging through unlimited lehengas and superb ornamentations and eventually start creating a perceptual image of how their entrance should resemble.

Bride’s siblings can convey their sweetheart sister in the Palki when she enters the new period of her life. It is without a doubt going to be an enthusiastic minute for the bride-to-be and her Bhai.

So these were some bridal entry ideas for wedding.

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