8 Wedding Decoration Ideas India | Add Charm To Your Wedding Pheras

Wedding Decoration Ideas India

People these days experiment with their looks, outfits, wedding themes & wedding decoration ideas India,  then why to neglect the Mandap decor which is also one of the most essential things when you want to make your pictures look beautiful.

If you don’t want the usual-boring Mandap decor that’s seen at almost every second wedding, then experiment with it. Depending on what outfits you will wear, what is your personal taste, you should sync your mandap decoration design with that.

Mandap decoration for wedding is the most important thing and If you’re  in search of some creative wed decor ideas that can go with your wedding theme and of course your dress then wedchief.com has brought to you eight wedding Mandap  Ideas that can add charm to your wedding Pheras and pictures as well.

A lot of people ignore this, they have no clue how important it is to design the perfect Mandap where your most important rituals are going to take place. Also, it gives the photographer a creative space to click the most amazing pictures.

Are you still confused about what kind of mandap you want for your wedding?

Here are some of the listed best Mandap wedding decoration ideas Indian that will add charm to your wedding.

1. Floral Extravaganza

wed decor
caption: Decor by Whistling Teel

A floral Mandap is both unexpected and strikingly beautiful. Set alongside the Himalayan ranges, made up with twigs & cascading white florals. The effect will be fairytale-like.

2. Rustingly Beautiful

wed decor
caption Decor by Whistling Teel

A rustic Mandap made out of bamboos to match the beautiful surroundings. This wedding Mandap design will give your wedding a new flavour.

3. Floral Canopy, Beautiful Lights & Drapes

wed decor
Caption Photo By HocusFocus India

Wedding Pheras in such a beautiful Mandap design will be remembered by everyone. Your late night pheras can turn into fun and it will give the photographers the much wanted creative space because good lightings lead to a good photograph.

4. Minimal Mandap Decor with Drapes For A Day Wedding

wed decor
caption: Decor by Pink Dholki

Surrounded by lush green, open skies and the lake backdrop truly made this Mandap setting drool worthy. Minimal wed decor is the best for those who believes that beauty lies in simplicity.

5. Multicolour flowers and Pink drapes For An Outdoor Mandap Decor

wed decor
caption: Decor by Dream Team Event

How breathtaking and stunning is this floral mandap, where hills are playing the perfect backdrop. It’s perfect for an outdoor wedding where the decor mix up with the nature.

6. Mandap Decor with Bright Coloured Drapes & Tassels

wed decor
caption: Decor by Pink Dholki

Don’t we all love tassels? Yes, we do and to bring this love of yours to your own wedding pheras is not a bad idea. Just a few colourful drapes and beautiful tassels are enough to make your wedding Mandap drool worthy.

7. Grand Mandap With Flowers & Twinkling Lights

wed decor
caption: Decor by Modern Events

Oh! The magnificence of grand decors. Shown here is a magnificent setup for the mandap, adorned with fresh flowers and the twinkle of lights. Just perfect for your most beautiful destination wedding

8. Round Canopy With Pastels & Beautiful Fairy lights

wed decor
caption: Decor by Modern Events

A grandiose affair, under the beautifully lit sky! While pastels make for a wonderful morning decor, the same can be said for evenings also. The shades interspersed with lights will surely add a character to the royal affair.

Floral drapes, Rustic Mandap, Grand Mandap or just the Mandap with minimum decoration, all are perfect to suit your wedding goals. These were some very beautiful Madap designs for wedding  which we think will make your pheras a grand affaire.

So, any of these beautiful Mandap decoration ideas hit your wedding goals, did you save them to show your wedding planner? If yes, then tell us in the comments that which one did you like the most and if you have any better ideas for Mandap decor then we would love to read your suggestions.

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