Thoughts You Get On Wedding Stage

Thoughts You Get On Wedding Stage


Indian weddings are full of fun, music, dance, rituals and “Rishtedaars” you hardly know. But hey! You can’t run away from all these things because that’s what make every wedding so much memorable.

If you’re ve Instagram then you might know Akshar Pathak, who is graphic designer and artist, he got married a month to his long time girlfriend Meera Nair. He recently shared his wedding pictures in the fun way saying “thoughts you get on shadi ka stage“. We totally agree with him and that’s why thought to share it with you because we know how hilarious is to be on the “Reception Stage” and keep smiling as if you’re the brand ambassador of any toothpaste brand.

Here are some of the thoughts you get while being on your Wedding Stage:

Namaste Aunty, But Who Are You?


You might have experienced this thing and if you haven’t then surely you have not got married yet. There are many aunties, giving you blessings and not needed advices on your wedding day but they forget to tell you that “hum aapke hain kaun!”

Namaste Uncle, Par Aap Kaun Ho?

Unapologetic middle-aged uncles, scared of their wives, giving you many marriage advices and cracking whatsapp jokes on stage but who are these uncles, where do they come from?

This is the story of every wedding reception. Don’t you agree?

Humari Family Itni Badi Hai, Pata Nahi Tha

Do you know how big is your family?  Indian families are bigger and larger thab the whole population of Sweden. Yeah! It is. Each one of them is invited and each one of them attends the wedding and that’s the beauty of Indian weddings.

It’s Sarcasm free!

Why Did I have To Pick A Saree which Is Half My BodyWeight?

Oh yes! SED Life. Brides know how tough it is to carry the most heavy dress on their wedding day and constantly thinking of their Pajamas in mind. Wedding Dress is not just enough, then you need to carry the heaviest jewellery in the world too.

Being a bride is a tough job!

Mazak-Mazak Me Kaafi Kharcha Ho Gaya

Food, guests, decor, planning, dresses, jewellery, gifts and hidden charges. Wedding brings a lot of expense including taxes much more  called as “favors”.

Isse accha to court marriage kar lete?

Now What Topic Will Parents Use For Emotional Blackmail?

Weddings are emotional, and they are even more emotional for the parents. Not just for the bride’s side but for the groom’s parent as well. But Indian parents can take out any topic to get emotional because that’s one of the rituals too.

Aur Kitne Log Saath Me Photo Khichwayenge

You’re the celebrity, you are the centre of attraction, it’s your wedding and therefore, you have to suffer anyway. It’s your day, so keep smiling and let people click pictures with you and your fake smile. After all, they have to post the pictures on their social media. #weddingshenanigans

Where Did Everyone Suddenly Disappear

Yes, it’s the buffet time,  what they have come for. Because food is the ultimate goal, you are secondary. And if you’re still worrying that where have your guests gone.. ask your photographer.

You know what we mean?

So, these were some really real thoughts that anyone gets when they are on their wedding stage. It’s not just what we think, it’s from the person who has just got married, who else can tell you better?

We hope you like it and if you did then don’t forget to like to share the blog and comment down your thoughts about it. comes up with a new blog everyday. Stay Tuned!


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