The First Step Towards Marriage| Sukhmani & Kirath

The First Step Towards Marriage| Sukhmani & Kirath


“And darling I will be loving you ’til we’re 70” – These lyrics from Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran completely defines the love between Sukhmani and Kirath. No wonder, this song happens to be their love song. Admiringly called KiKieInLove, theirs is a match made in heaven, arranged by relatives and blessed by the heavenly Gods.

How They Met



The First Step Towards Marriage

Sukhmani attended her best friend’s wedding in Hyderabad in March 2019. Little did she know that this is a new beginning not just for her best friend, but for her too! An arranged meeting with Kirath and an instant connection shed off Sukhmani’s tiredness from a long flight. They shared stories, food and coffee. This chance meeting that was supposed to be for half an hour continued for more than two hours.

Sukhmani flew back to USA two days after meeting Kirath. But that was only the beginning of a lifelong commitment towards love and togetherness. At a time when relationships are fragile, Kirath and Sukhmani realised that they were different, yet so alike. In their long-distance relationship, they discovered each other through phone calls, video calls and face times. Within 3 weeks, the two solemnized a beautiful Roka Ceremony.

Roka Ceremony

The First Step Towards Marriage

Sukhmani & Kirath took their first step towards marriage at their intimate Roka ceremony at Park Hyatt Hyderabad. This was just a start because  even a bigger celebration was yet to happen, that is their grand wedding. Decor was done by Minttu Surana and the ceremony was beautifully planned by The Show which added an extra charm to the entire celebration.

Sukhmani looked stunning in beautiful lehenga by Mayyur Surana and neck set by Motiwala and Sons and entire look was locked by makeup artist Vijay Thaakur. On the other side, Kirath looked very handsome in mindnight blue Bandhgala coat designed by Diwan Saheb.

Nobody can dance the way Punjabis can and therefore the ceremony would have been incomplete without the Bhangra & Thumkas. This wasn’t just a pre-wedding ceremony, it was a grand celebration in itself.


The First Step Towards Marriage

Despite being in a far-away relationship they know each other as if they were always been with one another. Kirath has happily embraced Sukhmani’s obsession with picture perfect detailing while the lady knows his man loves PubG, food, cars and will always be loyal towards her.


Decor : Minttu Surana

Bride’s MUA: Vijay Takur

Bride’s outfit: Mayyur Girotra

Groom’s outfit: Diwan Saheb

Jewelry: Motiwala & Sons

Entertainment:  Sukhe Muziical Doctorz

Planners: The Show

Venue: Park Hyatt Hyderabad


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