Bilimbe – Social Media PhotoBooth

Social Media PhotoBooth


Social Media PhotoBooth


In the era of Selfies, Bilimbe is definitely for you! A moment-capture booth, Bilimbe revolutionizes viral and social media marketing by capturing the most special moments in your life and broadcasts it across social media photobooth platforms at the click of a button.

Bilimbe offers you a way to add value to your events through the digital medium, with a range of customizable, mobile photo-booths that help you capture these moments via photographs that are customised to perfection.

All you need to do is to capture a picture at your event, frame it with the brand insignia or the organizational insignia of your choice, and share it across social media platforms – for whatever the occasion may be – brand marketing, or social cause marketing!


Social Media PhotoBooth

At Bilimbe it’s their ride on camera to assure you the best pictures of yours ever taken. They are the pioneers in photo booth model in Chennai, Coimbatore & Delhi spearheading quality maximization and delivering an ecstatic experience to the posers.

A lot of set ups with photo booth models have sprung up in Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore & Delhi in recent times but let us tell you that delivering the best is not child’s play.

Services Provided

Social Media PhotoBooth

Photo booth Props has several results most commonly used Photo booth props are listed below for wedding ceremony which may make your Atmosphere to bloat away with wedding photo booth.

  • Photo frames

  • Mirror Photobooth

  • GIF Photobooth

  • Signature Photobooth

  • Selfie Photobooth

  • Feather Boas

  • Crazy Hats & Wigs

  • Masks

  • Afros and Lips (Plastic or Paper)

Improvise your Fun Experience

Social Media PhotoBooth

Photo booth props will make your friends active and folks enjoy using the amazing photo booth. It’s a Wholesome fun because Photographers can’t  catch it all but from  Kids to Old, Even shyest folks can take an Insane pictures in the photo Booth somehow Photo Booth helps Behind the Scenes by adding custom Backgrounds and Themes to improvise your Fun Experience in the wedding.

Get The Best Clicks

Social Media PhotoBooth

The best clicks are those when you present as yourself before the lenses.” Yes! We believe in the fact that when your eyes can listen to the camera before they see and when your posture aligns in the way it should be, and on top of these, a joyous and healthy smile on your lips is the best click of yours.

Then why not hire Bilimbe!


Bilimbe – Social Media PhotoBooth

Address : No 68 Mahadevan Street, Westmambalam, T-Nagar, Chennai

: +91 91594 88752; +91 98403 98703


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