Questions you need to ask your wedding DJ

Questions you need to ask your wedding DJ


Weddings are all about fun and dancing your heart out and it is obvious that for dancing there is a need for good music. Before so many years people used to sing by themselves or have some recorded playlists or hire some professionals for the work but as the time is changed now and everything started running by technology this music control in weddings are also getting managed by technology and for that the need of perfect DJ is a must.

DJs are responsible to make the functions more happening and at a wedding, the management of lots of ceremonies takes place so it is better to clear some points before. So here we are to help you and let you know those 5 questions which you should ask your wedding DJ.


How many weddings have you played?

Because experience tells everything. Playing at many weddings and dealing with different types of crowds will be helpful for a DJ to make the atmosphere more happening easily. It is also something which you and your guests need, by clearing this point you can also make sure that the person is professional and someone who knows the key factors of playing in a wedding.

What information do you need from me before the day of the wedding?

As we know that different culture and different families have their different and unique demands so to understand those demands a DJ needs to know certain things like ‘do not playlists’ or demand of a specific genre of music. You should ask this question before giving the contract as this will keep you and the DJ safe from future problems.


What time will you arrive at the site and when will you depart?

This is the most common and important question which you should ask so that you can prepare yourself and the guests with the performances and can ask the DJ to modify the time if you want.

What do you do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing?

Yes, this could be the possibility and can be the most discouraging moment for a DJ. So this question seems not that important to ask but in actuality it is. Everybody wants that at their wedding every guest should dance and enjoy that moment but if this doesn’t happen a DJ should know how to engage the crowd.


Are there any additional fees that could accrue that I am not taking into account, like travel expenses or charges for special musical requests?

Every DJ has his different policies, charges, and requirements and because of this reason asking this question is also necessary so that you will be ready for any future additional charges and make budget accordingly.

Asking questions before is far better than facing any future problems. Keep these points in mind while selecting a DJ for your wedding and enjoy the function completely and to know more such point stay connected with us because we come up with new blogs every day.


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