Say Yes To These Skin Rituals & Make Your Holi Celebration Fuss-Free

Pre Holi Skin Care Tips

Pre Holi Skin Care Tips

Holi is the festival colours, like literally. Traditionally, holi was played with natural colours extracted from flowers and herbs but now the colours available in the market are all made from dangerous and toxic dyes & chemical that are harmful for our skin and eyes.

Bura Naa Maano Holi Hai” should never be the mantra because no matter how “organic” your Gulal is, it’s still going to leave it’s mark and cause some serious allergies, rashes, and infections. If these colours enter your eyes, it may cause a serious damage.

So, how to prevent yourself from these harmful colours and yet enjoy the celebration with utmost fun? Don’t worry has listed below some easy care tips that’ll ensure your Holi is fun and Fuss-free!

Pre-Holi Skin Care Routine

Massaging With Coconut Oil

Pre Holi Skin Care Tips

Coconut oil is preferred from a very old time because of its nourishing properties, it’s the most preferred oil when it comes to massaging your scalp and body.

So, keeping that in mind, an hour before you step out to get yourself  smeared with color, message your scalp and body with coconut oil and don’t worry if your hair looks too oily because it’s better to look a little less good then damaging your hair.

Coconut oil will save your from getting dry by the harmful colours, it will not allow the colours leave a stain on your scalp and other exposed parts of your body. Coconut oil will also help in getting rid of these colours really quick.

Protect Yourself From Sun

Pre Holi Skin Care Tips

Sun Protection is really important, you’re gonna play holi under the sun and if not holi colors, sun will burn & damage your skin. So, before you step out, apply UV protected sunscreen and body lotion to all your exposed body parts, especially your face, neck and hands. Prefer SPF 50+ cream because it will be sunny and you might burn.

Give Vaseline A Go

Pre Holi Skin Care Tips

You know petroleum jelly works magic sometimes and especially when you want to stay safe during holi. You should apply vaseline around your nose, ears and the parts where it’s tough to remove colour from. Vaseline is thick, therefore it stays for a longer time. Fill your nails with vaseline so that no colour enteres your nail. Believe us, it works like magic.  

Stay Safe & Hydrated

Pre Holi Skin Care Tips

Apart from all the skin care, you must drink a lot of water and liquid before you step out because, during the celebration you will get exhaust and you will need energy to compete the heat.

Also, if you have any broken skin or injury, consult your doctor first and then step out to celebrate. Cover your broken skin with bandages because it may get serious once it gets in touch with the dyes and colours.

Paint Your Nails Before They Get Coloured

Pre Holi Skin Care Tips

Apply a Nail Color to your nails before the holi to prevent messy looking multi-hued nails post Holi, covering your nails with a nail paint protects them from harmful chemicals.

Where Are Your Glares?

Pre Holi Skin Care Tips

Sunglasses are not just used to get Instagram-worthy Holi pictures, but it is important when comes to protect our eyes from infections that may be caused due to harmful colours and ofcourse the UV rays. Pick some funky pair of glares, which look stunning and are big enough to protect the area around your eyes.

Post-Holi Skin Care Ritual  

Ubtan It Out!

Pre Holi Skin Care Tips

You might have had gone through a lot of chemicals a few hours ago, but it’s time to let your skin breathe in everything which is chemical free. Wash yourself with just water, remove the excess color from your body and apply this magical paste. Here’s the secret, Half a  bowl of gram floor (Besan), add some curd to make not so thick paste, add a pinch of turmeric and you’re all ready to go.

Once you drain all the excess colour, apply the Ubtan on your entire body & face let it dry and rub it, it will smoothly remove all the chemicals and colours from your skin and will not let your skin dry. Once you’re done with this, wash yourself with water properly and remember don’t use any soap.

Fret-Free Hair Care

Pre Holi Skin Care Tips

In the pre-holi ritual, we told you massage your scalp with coconut oil so, you’re almost half way. You just need to wash your hair with a shampoo which has less alcohol, wash your hair properly, let it dry and again message your scalp with your regular oil. It will not let your hair dry and will bring back it’s original shine.

Hydration Is Still Important

Pre Holi Skin Care Tips

You have lost a lot of liquid while playing holi under the sun. This is the time to compensate, drink a lot of water and lemonade or fruit juice. It will store back all the energy and water in your body and repair the skin from within.

Make sure that you play an eco-friendly Holi this year and don’t waste a drop water because everything we should take care as of now is the place where we live and the resources we use. Play a safe Holi, take care of your skin and remember, it’s never “Bura Na Maano Holi Hai”, because it’s a myth.

Happy Holi!

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