Praan The Music Band

Praan The Music Band

Music is loved by everyone and people enjoy good music at every occasion but if you’re bored with the same recorded music in the wedding then you must choose some band like Praan, which is one of the best Musical band in North Delhi and they are known for their sense of music and their beautiful compositions.

Praan is making people crazy through their music since 2017 and it is a four-piece contemporary band which has Raghav Baghla, Manik Kohli, Sahil Bansal and Sandeep Kumar as its members. If you love ghazals or you are a fan of hard rock or heavy metal, then Praan will play everything that makes you D-Day even more special.

Praan The Music Band


  • Rhythm and blues

  • Heavy Metal

  • Hard Rock

  • Soul Music

  • Ghazal

  • Bollywood

  • Indie Pop

Why Choose Them?

Praan is a band which has a true sense of music, their soulful songs directly hit the soul and only because their music is distinct in taste and which will make you dive deep into their songs. No matter what is the occasion, No matter what genre they perform, they put their all heart and soul in that song and this makes them one of the most trusted Bands in Delhi which are perfect for weddings and events.

Praan The Music Band

Praan is a group of truly talented artists and musicians who can make their audience go crazy through the Bollywood beats to dance on, from old classics to new beats. They can add the flavor of romance in the ambiance and the best thing about them is that they are willing to travel around if there’s any requirement. If you choose them, your guest is totally going to love them and they will never forget your wedding.

Then why don’t you pick them?

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Name : – Praan The Band

Address: 7G – 3rd Floor, Kamla nagar,
Delhi, 110007

: +91 093544 23265

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