Planning Your Wedding During CoronaVirus Outbreak?

Planning Your Wedding During CoronaVirus Outbreak

Wedding During CoronaVirus Outbreak

Here’s What To Keep In Mind While Planning Your Wedding During This Time

Wedding jitters are very normal before the “I Do” moment but couple these days are not just stressing over the fact that they are getting married but currently they are threatened because they have a wedding during this time when half of the world is fighting over Coronavirus.

This virus is spreading with no time and if you’re one of those couples who are planning their wedding during Coronavirus outbreak, then you really and strictly need to keep a few things in mind.

This time is not just to hand over pretty favors to your guests, if you really care for them then make a little changes and gifting them a few bottles of sanitizer is not the only option.

 Don’t panic, sit back and read the following tips & suggestions has brought to you, keeping in mind the factors that can affect your wedding due to Coronavirus.

Postpone or Cancel Your Celebration

Wedding During CoronaVirus Outbreak

Well, this is the most basic thing you must think about at the very first. We’ll suggest you to cancel the big celebration and if you can’t than you must probably postpone it.

Talk to your vendors, explain them the problem annd risks involved  and keeping all emotional and financial issues in mind, take a sensible decision.

Big gatherings increases the chance of getting infected, so,  You can get married anywhere and anytime but currently the most important factor is your health.

Plan It Local

Wedding During CoronaVirus Outbreak

If you’re wedding is likely to happen in China, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Japan or any major affected area, then it’s better to cancel all your plans for destination wedding and it’s better to plan it in your local region with a few guests. You might not be allowed to fly to these areas, so the best possible option is to wait for Coronavirus to leave the planet or get married in your region.

Understand The Cancellation Policy

Wedding During CoronaVirus Outbreak

If you’re planning your wedding in coming days or months and you haven’t booked anything yet then while booking any venue, vendor or a flight for your wedding or honeymoon, read and understand the cancellation policy and pick the one which has flexible cancellation policy.

Style Yourself, Get Your Own Makeup

Wedding During CoronaVirus Outbreak

If you’re still planning for a small wedding, then keep this in mind that the best way to keep Coronavirus away is to not get in touch with any one who is already infected.

And how do you know it? So, the best way is to not use any such makeup brushes or lipstick which are used by others, hire a good makeup artist who takes care of hygiene and cleanliness and if you’re renting any of your wedding dress then get it drycleaned yourself.

What About The Wedding Food Menu?

Keep the guest list short and the menu even shorter. Pick the most trustable caterer and take care of the hygiene. Make sure that the plates and containers in which food will be served are clean and the caterers cook in the most hygienic way.

Communicate With Your Guests

Wedding During CoronaVirus Outbreak

Everything is changing with Coronavirus every damn day, which is part of the reason it is so overwhelming.

Explain your guests, make them aware about the pros and cons of attending the wedding and make sure they take proper care of themselves and keep in mind the measures to be taken if they feel any low during the wedding.

Last but not the least, DON’T PANIC. It’s not the time to get panic, you really need to take some sensible decisions and if you don’t have any major financial issues and if your vendors agree to postpone the dates of wedding, then we suggest you to postpone your wedding because planning a wedding during Coronavirus outbreak can be risky.

Take care, Stay Hygienic, Stay Healthy

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