Planning a destination wedding? Book it now at UAE

Planning a destination wedding

Sophistication in the vibrant atmosphere is something what you will get in UAE. Exclusive wedding dresses, Mesmerizing locations, tons of facilities, safe surroundings and much more, maybe that’s why, according to the survey Destination Wedding Planners (DWP) congress published in Vogue, UAE is the top location in the middle east for a wedding and one of the favorite location of the many wedding planners.


Wedding with the touch of traditions is the dream which needs to be real and UAE is known for its traditions and heritage. If you are someone who is looking for a rich and exotic destination wedding, then it is the option you should definitely think upon. Don’t know why, here are the reasons why getting married in the UAE will be one of the best decision of yours.


1. Locations which you are looking for

Planning a destination wedding

Imagine getting married near shining desert or melodious sea yes, it is like spending your big day in heaven, places like Al Maha Desert, Atlantis the palm, Dubai Polo and Equestrian club, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah can definitely give you that feeling. Exotic luxury locations with great service and comfort are their first priority and this will add on tons of memories to your grand wedding.

2. Your Religion, Your Way, Their Arrangements

Whether you are Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or a follower of any other religion this is the place for you. As UAE is somewhere followers of every religion lives here you will find numbers of temples, churches, mosques which will give you the surrounding full of positivity and prayers. So having a religious wedding of your choice is very easy to have here.


3. Shopping never ends here

The retail facilities of Dubai are famous all over the world, you will find great numbers of malls with latest trends and exceptional quality, everything here is the value of money and with a modern touch in a traditional attire and accessories. As wedding is all about having everything exclusive, you don’t need to put extra efforts to find it over here.

4. Uncountable facilities for you and your guests

Most importantly, safety because of its low crime rate you can visit here with your family and friends and spend time anywhere you want and it has one of the best airlines which is famous for its comfort and top facilities.

5. It’s fantastic weather

The temperature of your surrounding plays a vital role in your mood on your big day and during the time of winters the moderate coolness is perfect for wedding ceremony, special for outdoor weddings.

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