Maharashtrian bride : 5 Beautiful Things That Complete Every Navari Looks


Navari Look

The wedding trends change with the changing time, every ritual is now being tailored according to our comfort but Maharashtrian weddings are still the same, people do follow the same old traditions.

Though they add little flavor of their own, make it a bit like “these days” weddings but no matter how modern it becomes, the old rituals and trends are still present there in Maharashtrian wedding.

But one of the most important and amazing thing about these weddings is the bride, who’s dressed with all that elegance and grace in their traditional outfit. Here are the 5 things that completes a Maharashtrian bridal look.


1. Tradition Navari Saree

The colour red is dominent in bridal dresses in other Hindu wedding but when we talk about Maharashtrian wedding, yellow, green, purple and red with dual-toned hues can be seen and it adds elegance and reflects the true beauty of the culture. Saree is worn in “Kasta” style, the thick ethnic border adds beauty to the vibrant silk saree.

maharashtrian bride
maharashtrian bridal look

Nehha Pendse’s Navari look is extremely admirable because not just she looked gorgeous in the pink Nauvari saree but the most amazing thing is that she went totally subtle with her makeup. We are sure that her entire look might have taken your hearts away.



2. The Mundavalya

You might be knowing how  important is  “Mangalsutra” for every Indian bride but for a Maharashtrian bride “Mundavalya” is equally important. Though this particular accessory is worn by the groom  as well.

Mundavalya is a headpiece, it’s a string of pearls or flowers that is worn on forehead. Maharashtrian bride look is incomplete without this.

maharashtrian bride
maharashtrian bridal look


3. The Big Golden Nath

And the most important thing that completes not just the bridal look but also it’s a part of the attire, every Maharashtrian bride wears this Nath.

The golden nath, which is big and beautiful and dominates every bridal Jewellery.

maharashtrian bride
maharashtrian bride look


4. Traditional Gold and Glass Bangles

A Navari bride wears the authentic gold Jewellery that simply compliments the silk saree and not just the golden Jewellery but have you noticed the green glass bangles along with the gold bangles in the hands of Maharashtrian brides? It’s the most beautiful accessories which reflects the true ethnicity and traditionality of the culture.

maharashtrian bride
maharashtrian navari look

5. Crescent- Shaped Bindi

When you are all ready, how can you miss out on this particular thing. The crescent shaped bindi that actually completes the look. Deep red, Maroon coloured bindi is just the most beautiful little thing on the forehead of any Maharastrian Bride.

These five things reflects the true enthnicity and beauty of Maharashtrian culture. We hope  you liked the post and kindly tell us in the comments, which particular thing you think can be added to this Navari look to give it a little flavor of fusion.

maharashtrian bride
maharashtrian navari look

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