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Elusive Dreams|Pooja Doshi|Luxury Wedding Decor

Luxury Wedding Designers

Elusive Dreams is a leading design and production house in the country that transforms simple spaces into unique experiences. With Offices in Delhi and Mumbai they have taken over the country by storm with their unique designs and high profile, larger than life events.

Elusive Dreams is known for converting clients Elusive Dreams into Reality. They have worked with many clients around the globe and received number of awards for their great work and this makes them one of the best luxury wedding designers in and around India.

Luxury Wedding Designers

Elusive Dreams is lead by Pooja Doshi, she’s a young business woman, who’s often asked what makes “Elusive Dreams” different? Amongst many things She would say, “it’s our ability to work with clients and creative partners that value design, appreciate the process and encourage innovation.

She enjoys the design freedom that comes from a client partnership of trust and confidence. It allows us to do our best work.”

Services Provided

Luxury Wedding Designers
Luxury Wedding Designers
  • Lighting 

  • Wedding Decor/Florals

  • Designing/Tenting

Why Hire Them?

Luxury Wedding Designers
Luxury Wedding Designers

Elusive Dreams will make all your wedding dreams come true in much more ‘Glamorous, Timeless, Iconic and Classic’ way because they aim for caviar dreams and champagne moments.

They are one of the best luxury wedding designers in Delhi & Mumbai. They beautifully manage the decor, lighting, and designing and make sure that every guest enjoys the celebrations and the venue looks extremely beautiful.

Their team is not only skilled at what they do but also have great presence of mind and that’s why they can handle every situation in the best possible way.

Pooja Doshi and her entire team of Elusive Dreams bring unique ideas according to the needs of their clients, which help make every wedding special,  unique and luxurious.

If you’re planning your wedding anywhere in the world, if you’re looking for luxury wedding designers & decorators in Delhi or Mumbai, don’t worry..

Hire Elusive Dreams.

Luxury Wedding

Pooja Doshi
Designation: Managing Director
: +91 8447208680

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