Kaureography by Pavneet |Ludhiana|Wedding Choreographers

Kaureography by Pavneet|Ludhiana|Wedding Choreographers

Kaureography by Pavneet is a group of wedding choreographers lead by Pavneet, it is your one stop solution for wedding and sangeet choreographies. With an experience of a year now, they are one of the best wedding choreographers in Ludhiana, Punjab. The team make sure to pay attention to every single expectation of their clients and ensure that the personal quotient is intact when they teach them for the performances on their special day. What makes Kaureography by Pavneet different is the flexibility they provide in their dance routines which even beginners can follow very easily. After all, it’s not about how tough the steps are, it’s about how the family enjoys itself during the performances.

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Why Hire Them?

Kaureography by Pavneethave an expertise in Bollywood & free style dance, which is the most sought-after dance form for the sangeet performances. They can train for solo as well as group performances and make sure the dance steps are easy enough that the family enjoys the sangeet but they do not compromise on creativity and therefore, the team tries to keep a balance between the easy choreography and the amount of quirkiness to put in, so that it looks visually pleasing as well. Their wedding choreography packages are also customizable, they will offer you the best deal depending on the number of sangeet performances, Number of songs, age groups of the performers, days of training and how quick you learn. So, put on your dance shoes and don’t worry Kaureography by Pavneet will make you dance like no one else and train you in the best possible way keeping your comfort in mind. Their unique dance moves, best song selection and their detailing makes them one of the best Sangeet choreographers in Ludhiana.

Then why not hire them!

Kaureography by Pavneet

CompanyName: Kaureography byPavneet

CampanyAddress: Freelancer (can be contacted over call)



ContactPerson: Pavneet Kaur

Designation: Choreographer


MobileNumber: 9464880729

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