Jewel of Mediterranean- Cyprus

It is always been said from years that marriage is an epitome of love and as Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the ancient goddess of love and beauty it the most ideal destination to tie a knot on Earth.

Apart from its mesmerizing scenery, beaches and warm Mediterranean climate this history of Cyprus made it one of the most deserving places to get married.

Cyprus is the country of the Middle East and is the third-largest island in the Mediterranean with the 330 days of sunshine a year with the deep cyanic blue sky. Its sunny and warm climate makes it perfect for a wedding in any month and the open blue sky plays an important role in photographs.

The number one reason to choose Cyprus as your destination to say ‘I do’ is its Cost, yes the cost to get married in Cyprus considerably lower than other parts of the country.

Whether it’s a small wedding with a limited number of people or a big fat wedding full of guests, this is manageable from shopping to the photoshoot, from venue to decorations everything here is considerably lower in cost than other parts.

Jewel of Mediterranean- Cyprus

Despite not being so expensive its tourism and hospitality services are just amazing and satisfying as it is the leading industry of the country.
It is a very welcoming and organized country, the legal requirements to get married in Cyprus are also not that strict, you just need to reach here three business days before the wedding. The best part is you don’t need to wait long for the confirmation of your dates and venues, you will get the instant confirmation of everything.

Jewel of Mediterranean- Cyprus

Cyprus is famous for a destination wedding in the UK but by observing so many positive points it can also be the part of Indian destination wedding list.

To know more about such ideal places for your marriage follow us and comment below about your favorite venue for a destination wedding. Stay connected we come up with new blogs everyday.


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