Similarities Between Indian and Middle Eastern Weddings

Weddings are the ceremony when the bride and groom start their new journey together for life witnessed by all family and friends, in Indian culture this ceremony is full of customs and traditions so as in the middle east.

If you are one of those lucky ones who attended both Indian and middle east weddings you must have noticed many similarities between them despite being so much different from each other. As we already know how both Indians and Middle Easterns are precise for their traditions and maybe this makes them so similar.

We find different customs as we go from one region to another of India, in the middle east also we see the same thing the wedding customs slightly differ from region to region, However some traditions are similar in all over the community.

indian and middle

The most common and basic thing in between Indian wedding and a middle east wedding is Henna Drawing, both Indian and middle easterns consider it as a ritual in a wedding they dance and sing while filling their hands with beautiful henna designs, modernizing these designs is also common in both the places. Both the bride and groom have to fill their hands and feet with henna before the day of marriage.

indian and middle

Whether its India or the Middle East you will find people with fantastic socializing skills and a great connection with their families and this the reason it is impossible to make a small wedding with less than 150 or 200 guests. Both Indians and middle eastern follow the culture of maintaining relationship and this makes them arrange a Big Fat Wedding and invite all the people they know personally to their wedding or the wedding of any of their family members.

indian and middle

Fashion and New Trends are something everyone loves to follow and this thing you can see in Indian and Middle eastern bride. As their dresses, jewelry, makeup everything’s style is changing by time but they know how to mix fashion with tradition and because of this their way of presenting themselves as a bride is becoming more and more attractive and ravishing.

Yes, we all know the wedding is the big day from when the bride and groom step into new change with love, friendship, and promises, by taking blessings and good wishes from family, friends, and priest.

Comment below what similarity you notice at weddings of different traditions and stay connected for more such interesting connections.


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