9 Super Amazing & Quirky ideas to Lit Up Your Haldi Ceremony

Haldi Ceremony

We still remember how Indian weddings used to be, people used to perform all the ceremonies in their homes and give a dull reception in the end. But over the period of time, the definition of wedding has been changed. Nowadays, each every ceremony is celebrated with a lot of quirk. Here are some super fun haldi program ideas to lit up your haldi ceremony. Haldi function  is all about love, laughter and lot if leg pulling. Previously we have also share with you some really cool haldi decoration ideas to make your haldi super amazing and fun and this time we have brought to you several haldi function games & best Haldi Function ideas for haldi ceremonies.

Haldi ceremony is a perfect blend of tradition and fun. The tangy smell of turmeric in the air spreads joy in each every heart and with all that happiness and positivity, elders bless the couple  against the “Buri Nazar”. It is also said that haldi is very good for the skin, so before the big day, the bride and the groom gets painted all over their body with this yellow turmeric  powder called Haldi and it brings out the glow to their skin.

When you have a lot of fun while your haldi rasam, don’t forget the traditional rituals which have their own importance. One of your elders will plan out the rituals perfectly so, hand over this responsibility to them and plan out the fun with your cousins and friends. We are going to give you some really quirky haldi function ideas for bride & groom as well.

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9 listed Haldi Function ideas……

1.Have a combined haldi function


Haldi Ceremony
Haldi Ceremony

Even today the haldi function of the Groom & bride is celebrated differently. Rather than performing the ceremony individually, try to have it together. You are going have a lot more fun. We guarantee you that.

2.Have a theme ceremony, decide a dress code.

Haldi Ceremony
Haldi Ceremony

Decide a particular haldi dress code for each of your wedding ceremony, and for haldi ceremony, it’s yellow of course! The decor should compliment the theme and the dress code.Imagine how beautiful the pictures are going to look when every single person will wear yellow and haldi dress for bride & groom should also be yellow but it should of course look different from rest of the people.

3.Funny & Quirky Tags


Haldi Ceremony
Haldi Ceremony

This element will add even more fun to your wedding. Put your funny  quotes (may be a bollywood dialogue), shayaris or some quirky tags (dulha- dulhaniya). Make some customized badges. Anything which reflects your personality, you own self, something which is fun to see and you would laugh seeing at even after years. Believe us, You will surely find it even more amazing when you’ll see them in your pictures later.

4.Haldi ki Holi or Phoolon ki Holi?

Haldi Ceremony
Haldi Ceremony

Bura na maano haldi hai……

Planning for a haldi cum holi party is the best idea to add fun and lit up your haldi ceremony but if you’re someone who doesn’t like messing up with your dress & hair then phoolon ki holi is the best option. Pick the most beautiful flowers which has the most amazing fragrance, it will not only soothe your mood and spread the fragrance of joy.

5.Plan some games & activities

Haldi Ceremony
Haldi Ceremony

This is a great idea to involve each and every guest. Play some super amazing haldi function games, give them tasks and if they don’t do it, be strict with everyone playing the game. What should be the punishment? Paint them with haldi in return. But remember not to hurt someone, ask them if they’re interested  in these games or not.


6.Share the Moment


Haldi Ceremony

That was the time when the bride and groom used to do their Haldi Ceremony individually with their family and friends, but if you are planning to share everything and every moment for the rest of your life, so why not start it from here. Do this ceremony together has many benefits like budget-friendly, a grand celebration and it would be in your and your guests’ mind for a long time.


7.Storify it


Making Stories are in trend now as they are interesting, why you want to left behind make stories that everyone talks about. Some ideas for this are like make some customized badges, Stage some funny plays or life story of bride and groom, Express your feelings by saying some poetic lines.


8.Flower Showers


Haldi Ceremony can be more delightful by adding some natural fragrance into it, the use of some rose petals or marigold flowers can be the easiest yet a beautiful idea. You can add some petals into Haldi or use it in decorations but the best way to use it is flower shower, showering of flowers on bride or groom with some waterdrops can be the best situation for dancing and obviously for your Haldi Holi party.


9.Number of candid pictures


Having some candid pictures with natural smiles and sudden expressions are the best not just for that particular moment but also for your lifetime memory, imagine you have a picture when your friends have bombarded you with lots of Haldi or your smile in that flower shower or of you natural dance expressions, all would be fantastic.

These were the 9 super amazing Haldi Function ideas that will add character to your haldi ceremony. Remember, if you really want to enjoy the ceremony, then plan it in advance and avoid messing up. There are several things that you must keep in mind and thats is, you don’t hurt anyone while you’re having fun, hurting them in any way, like your elders might feel bad if you skip any of the important rituals or you might hurt anyone physically while playing the games. Keep in mind the safety measures because haldi can be messy, fun but it should be safe as well. Speaking of it, don’t compromise on the quality of haldi because you don’t want any kind of skin allergy before your wedding.

Tell us which idea you liked the most and if you have something more amazing and quirky then tell us in the comment section below and checkout more such blogs on wedchief.com.

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