[New Year 2020] Fun  Ideas for a New Year’s Eve Wedding

Fun Ideas for a New Year's Eve Wedding

Fun  Ideas for a New Year’s Eve Wedding

New Year’s Eve weddings are the best ones. Because it’s the time when everyone else is on holiday and what’s better than having a grand celebration of new beginnings during this time.

On the other hand, kids in your family will have the best time during their winter vacations and also, all your other guests will have no worry about their work and their kids’ schools. Therefore, starting your wedding ceremonies from 30th december and having a grand wedding on new year’s eve is the best idea.

All good things apart, if you are going to attend any wedding at new year’s eve this time and if you wish to have your wedding at the same time next year, than hey! you must know that it involves lot more than that and you need to start planning right now when your finish reading this blog.

wedchief.com has tried listing down some of our favorite ceremony and reception ideas for your New Year’s Eve wedding. Give an incredible start to your married life right from the beginning of a new year.

Dramatic Photo Sessions

Fun Ideas for a New Year's Eve Wedding

Time flies away but snapshots don’t. Therefore come up with a dramatic photobooth  which can be New Year’s Eve-themed with props related to the holiday, like glasses with the year, party hats and horns.

Wedding Calendar

Fun Ideas for a New Year's Eve Wedding

As a return gift or a wedding favor you can print a  calender of the new year, just the usual one but give it flavor by mentioning your wedding date as a festival and priting your pre-wedding pictures on it. Believe us, your guests will love it and no one would have ever thought of doing this.

Classy but fun Drinkware

Fun Ideas for a New Year's Eve Wedding

So, what about serving Champagne in fun glassware. Glasses can have written on them words like “Cheers”,  “Celebrate”,  “New Beginnings” or whatsoever you think which can make it even more special.

Clocky Pre-Wedding

Fun Ideas for a New Year's Eve Wedding

31st december, you might have your sangeet a night before your wedding, which is also the last day of the year, For a quirky take, you can decorate your sangeet stage or dedicate a corner for a big clock which indicates the countdown of the new year and for the new beginnings which you are going to have right away.

Dress It Up To The Best

Fun Ideas for a New Year's Eve Wedding

Don’t forget you’re gonna have your wedding at most glamorous occasion and so should should wedding, glamorous like no one else. Pick the best dresses for all your functions, pair it up with classy accessories and perfect makeup. You’re ready to make your wedding the talk of the town.

These were few tips for your new year’s eve wedding, don’t panic. This year’s resolution should be completely dedicated to your wedding, don’t forget to enjoy each and every ceremony because the most important things in any wedding are love, laughter which leads to happily ever after.

wedchief.com provides you the best vendors and ideas for your wedding. We come up with a new blog everyday.

Stay Tuned, See you next year!

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