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middle east

Weddings are the reflection of any religion and as we know the middle east is blessed with some major world religions. Middle east weddings vary from state to state and from religion to religion, each family celebrates a wedding differently. But the common thing is they follow their do’s and dont’s very strictly. In the middle east, the groom and his family will pay for the entire wedding, but today’s bride ‘s parents might also help. Mostly these weddings last for 3 days to a week, which includes family and friends gatherings, meals, dancing, and singing, adorning bride and groom.

middle east

The wedding starts with ‘Tulba‘ in which the groom asks the hand of the bride in front of his and the bride’s parents and some close relatives. After tulba engagement ceremony happens in the presence of a priest and family members. Before one or two days of marriage ‘Radwa’ happen in which the bride’s family visit the groom’s family to check all the arrangements and then the older man of family declares the wedding. Just after the radwa ‘Henna’ ceremony starts in which they apply henna to the bride’s with dancing and singing of her friends and cousins, you can consider this henna party is the Arab version of the bachelorette party.


Now in the ‘Sahra’ function which is the mix gender party where all the family and friends together and enjoy the music and meals. After all of this now the time of the wedding ceremony as every state is having their different customs, their weddings are also different like in Jordan this ceremony takes place in the groom’s house. In Egypt, it takes place in the bride’s house. Lebanon’s wedding is called ‘zeffe’ which is also a cultural dance form performed at weddings. Dubai weddings are the most expensive and lavish.


Iraq’s wedding is called ‘nichan‘ which is the most lawful wedding in this bride and groom sign contract in front of a religious representative called ‘Maason’. For Saudi marriage, they, book two halls for

ceremony one for the bride and another for the groom and Moroccon is the most traditional wedding among all.


Honeymoon is very rare in middle eastern weddings they usually spend time at home for a week after this they visit their family and friends where they get gifts. The most common gifts are gold and money.


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