Egypt- The Makeup Trend Setter

Egypt is widely known for its ancient monuments such as the pyramids and the sphinx but do you know that it is the originator of one more well-liked thing especially among females. Yes, it’s Makeup,  the use of makeup or cosmetics in Ancient Egypt is documented.

The makeup rituals are passed down through generations but it is engrossing to know that most of the cosmetics in your kit is originated in Egypt.

Read on to know the throwback of some modern beauty products:-



egypt makeup
egypt makeup – Eyeliner


Eyeliner is used to define the eyes to make it look more attractive, it is first used in Ancient Egypt in early 10,000 BC. Both males and females of high status used it to define their eyes and protect them from wrinkles that can be formed after constant exposure to dessert wind, sun and heat.

As now the time its become the most essential part of makeup whether it is a single/double winked or smokey eye this thing gave definition not just to your eyes but also to your whole face.




egypt makeup


In modern days this is the part of daily makeup, mostly girls’ day is incomplete without putting the kajal to their water line.

This is also first used in Ancient Egypt in 3100 BC, it was used for the beautification of an eye and to prevent it from any affliction. Still, we use it as a protection layer for our eyes.




egypt makeup


Who doesn’t like the pleasant fragrances of flowers, essential oils or aroma and it is also been said that one’s odor can be more attractive than one’s looks. This fact is also first understood by Egyptians and they invented the first perfume during the time of Indus valley civilization.

Perfume is derived from the Latin word which means ‘to smoke through perfumery’ and at the initial time, the perfumes were made up of saffron or cinnamon.




egypt makeup


This beauty product used to add perfection to the eyelashes and this is also first used by Egyptians in 3400 BC as they believed eyes were the windows of the soul and it needs to be detailed.

They used the bone as mascara applicator and blended kohl with crocodile dung, water and honey to create first mascara.

This product is used to deepen the eyelash which makes the eyeliner or kajal looks more define.




egypt makeup
egypt makeup

Eyeshadow is probably the most fun and expressive way to decorate the face and maybe this is why its origination is also at the same place where the rest of the eye makeup roots are present in 10000 BC During the starting time, they use kohl to decorate the eyes afterward the trend of using colors started


All in all most of the makeup trends have started from Egypt and then accepted by the world. Let us know your favorite product by commenting and Stay Connected for more such information as we upload new blogs everyday.



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