5 Amazing Ways To Celebrate Your First Diwali After Your Wedding

If you have recently got married and you’re celebrating your first Diwali after the wedding, then this is going to be the most memorable one..and it should be. Diwali brings more love and lots of sweets. And of course, it’s the festival of lights, sweets, love, and togetherness. When we say “Togetherness”, we mean it.. How? I will tell you later in the blog.
Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals in India but you know what, it’s more than that when it’s the first one after your wedding. New family, new house and of course, a partner to celebrate all the festivity. If you are confused that how to prepare and plan for your first Diwali after the wedding, then don’t you worry, wedchief.com is here to give you the best ideas to make this Diwali super Amazing.

Plan A Diwali House Party

What’s can be more special than bringing both the families together under one roof and celebrating the day with Love, Joy and a lot of happiness. To make it even more special, you can invite your in-laws by sending them a gift with a handwritten letter. This will build your relationship with them even more strong. Also, when you will plan up for the party with your spouse, this will be the best time to get even more closer to each other.


Add Some Sweetness To Your Celebration

When we talk togetherness, we mean it. You know how important sweets are..and diwali is not just a festival of lights but also food. Prepare for every dish together, cook, taste and send the sweetness to all your loved ones. Cook each other’s favourite sweet dishes, trust us..this is the best way to spend some more time together.


Decorate Your House With Love

Good Ambience and lightings are enough to keep up the romance alive. Diwali is the best time to spend time together away from all the work and busy schedule. Just decorate the house together with beautiful diyas, scented candles, beautiful curtains and a lot of lights around. Don’t forget your room’s decor..why don’t you give it a DIY makeover?


Rango Wali Diwali

No, we are not saying you to play with colors but to make beautiful Rangoli together. Help your partner in doing so. remember, it’s not a contest. So, choose the easiest Rangoli which can be made without any hassle. Colors bring happiness in life and Rangoli will bring you together. It’s old school though but it works.


Prepare For The House Party Games

Poker is mostly played on Diwali but other than this, Antakshari or Passing the Parcel can be another option to involve each family member. Because marriage in India is not just about the couple being together but bringing the entire family under one roof, a roof which is made from love, understanding, and togetherness.


This festive season, celebrate the beauty of love and togetherness with your entire family. Indian festivals have a deep meaning and every ritual have their own importance. So, it’s your duty to bring a smile on everyone’s face and it’s the best time to understand each other even more. So, this Diwali doesn’t burn crackers but do burn all the negativity from your life and celebrate the beauty of love.

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