colors for wedding theme : Best Color Combination for your Wedding Theme

colors for wedding theme

Everybody wants their wedding to stand out from the other common themed weddings and for this, they work upon many ideas and accept many changes but the one important part which is neglected by many is the combination of good and unique colors. Yes, the trend of traditional red or pink is not on nowadays and even the decorations with single colors are also not that special.

A combination of multiple colors is what you need if your also looking for some stand out decorations. These combinations mainly depend upon the venue, season and the kind of mood you want to set up.

Before looking at the list one thing you need to keep in mind that the color combo will show the uniqueness of your wedding so you need to inform it to the family members and the designers so that they can design the outfit according to the theme and not only the outfit from the design of wedding card to the reception decoration everything must be of the same combination.

So here is the list of some unique color combinations which you should try for your wedding;


Emerald+ Cream+ Gold

colors for wedding theme

This is the top of the list because of its elegance and class. This combination is perfect if you are looking for a sophisticated theme. Eyecatching emerald with silent and peaceful cream with some highlighted gold is something from which you can never take your eye off. This color combination goes best with a little natural greenery like in an open garden.


Tangerine+ Orange+ Yellow

colors for wedding theme

If you are someone who likes a simple yet stylish look then this combination is completely you. Tangerine is the reddish-orange that looks more delightful on the base of orange and yellow. The simple decoration is perfect with this combo.


Cinnamon+ Yellow+ Beige

colors for wedding theme


This is for the people who love things a little loud and vibrant, this combination makes the environment more exciting and full of life. Using a darker shade more here is better like you can use cinnamon as a base of the decoration.

Poppy+ Celadon+ White

colors for wedding theme

This is the perfect natural color combo, in this, the celadon and white are soft and can pair beautifully and poppy is a highlighted and loud color that goes best with the combination. If you want to go with traditional decoration then this combo is complete of your type.

Magenta+ Poppy+ Yellow

colors for wedding theme

A combination of all highlighting colors can also be good, this is the best example of it. You can use all the three colors on an equal amount or you can make anyone color as a base. This combination is common but you can modify it in decoration so that you can get what you are looking for.

So this was the list let us know in the comments if you want more such information and tell us which is your favorite color combination and stay connected with us as we come up with new blogs every day.



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