Clickography| Making Cine Stories| Pune

Clickography| Making Cine Stories| Pune

Clickography| Making Cine Stories| Pune

As the word wedding is clicked we start to think about people, rituals, joy, laughter, emotions, dance, colors and the list goes on and words fall short.

The true job of a photographer is to capture all these into images and bring these together in the form of a story which will store this essence forever. Such photographs speak for itself for the moment when two hearts were committed.

Clickography; Serving You The Best

Clickography is specialized in wedding photography, pre-wedding, commercial, event, travel, etc. They make sure your memories are captured in the highest quality while maintaining utmost professionalism throughout the whole process. They are serving in this industry for the past six years and they believe that the world is their canvas and they possess the potential and vision to bring out the best on it. We understand just how many things need your attention when it comes to the planning of any occasion. We give you one less reason to worry as your memories will always be in safe hands while you can focus on other elements to prepare.

Wedding Project


The couple – Mitesh & Kavitha

Venue: – Della Resort, Lonavala

Marwari Destination Traditional Wedding

Wedding Date: 8th Dec 2019

Photographer: Clickography

Wedding Dress: Sabyasachi

Pre-Wedding Shoot

“Happy Couples are just our favorites”

Between fancy and casual clicks the pictures of the couple go hand in hand. The moment was framed for life where the couple gets drenched in love and their exclusive shots were clicked by team clickography at Kasid Beach, Maharashtra.

The Wedding


“Simple yet beautiful and elegant”

Wedding ceremony comprises of different rituals in a sequence where the bride was beautifully dolled up in Sabyasachi outfit. it was a destination Marwari wedding at Della resort, Lonavala.

Services Provided

  • Wedding photography

  • Pre-wedding photography

  • Candid Wedding Photography

  • Cinematic Wedding Shoot

  • Wedding Videography


Wedding Packages provided

  • Silver Package – ₹ 55k

  • Golden Package – ₹1lac

  • Platinum Package – ₹1.85Lac

  • Diamond Package – ₹2.5lac

  • Per-wedding Package – ₹50k

Adding A Moments Of Life


Are you one of those people who usually find solace in mountains or you are a kind of a person who is inspired by the Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal for Mumtaaz or you come under any different category? Clickography’s exclusive Pre-Wedding shoots are for people like you only. They’ve experience of doing pre-wedding shoots in sun, deserts, snow, rain etc. From the top of mountains to the underwater, they can shoot everything  for you.

Why Hire them?


Clickography’s USP is their creative service and they provide it at the best price in the town. They also travel to any destination for capturing the perfect moment in any corner of the world and beyond. Clickography has a team of photographers who work on weekends as well to make their clients in the best way possible.  They are there with you at every step and guarantee to make your special moments captured in the best manner.

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Company Name: Clickography
Address: B-15, Shivtirth Apartment, Kothrud
Pune, Maharshtra
Name: Bharat Prajapati (Founder)

: +91 8003118892



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