Christian Wedding Rituals

Christian Wedding Rituals

Christian Wedding Rituals Ceremony

Christian wedding Rituals  are church weddings presided over by a priest or pastor. Christian wedding in India vary from state to state. The engagement is the most important pre-wedding ceremony that takes place between the bride and groom in an arranged Christian wedding. Christian weddings in India take place according to the traditional Indian customs with a blend of Western culture. Exchange of rings between the bride and groom is mandatory at the betrothal, but in some orthodox Christian weddings, the priest slips the ring into the fingers of the bride and groom at the time of the wedding.

Christian wedding Rituals
Christians Wedding

Christians Wedding in South India

In traditional South Indian Christians wedding, the bride usually wears a simple off white or golden saree, with or without a veil. But nowadays the brides are seen wearing white wedding gowns. The bridesmaids and flower girls are dressed uniformly. The groom places a ‘thali’ across the neck of the bride, which is anointed by the priest and handed over to him. A holy Cross is embedded in the thali, which remains on the wife’s neck till her death, unlike Hindu traditions.

Christian wedding Rituals
Christians Wedding

Goan wedding traditions

The Christians community in Goa and Konkan region practice the ‘ros ceremony’, where the bride and groom are anointed with oil and take a ritualistic bath in their respective homes, before the wedding. The groom usually wears a formal suit with a tuxedo for the wedding and the bride wears a traditional gown. Goan weddings are typical White weddings.
A South Indian Christian wedding from Kerala

Roce Ceremony

This cereminy is just like the Haldi ceremony in a Hindu tradition, the to-be bride and groom are applied haldi / roce by close family, friends, and neighbours and then the bride & groom get the blessings and good wishes from their guests. Roce is haldi like paste which is applied to them,  then they take bath and then it is followed by prayers and dinner.

Walking Down The Aisle

The most emotional ritual for the bride’s side where the bride’s parents have to walk her down the aisle to her life partner. This procession begins with the flower girls, then the bridesmaids with the groomsmen and then the parents with the bride.

The Vows

The most beautiful things about weddings are the Vows and it’s no secret that Christian weddings has some very beautiful vows as well just like any other culture. It’s not exactly how we see in movies, not every vow is written, these vows can be the sayings of the church and  couples can event add some vows that they want to include in their wedding and then they tie wedding “Thali”, which you already know.

All cultures have one thing is common that they believe in “love” and wedding is just a way to celebrate that love. Ways can be different but the emotions are still same. Christian Weddings are fun and interesting and that’s why we thought to share a few details related to Christian marriage rituals.

We hope you enjoyed it and if you did then please share this blog and write down to in the comments if you have anything amazing related to wedding in your mind.


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