5 Essential Key Points Of A Healthy  Marriage


Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.”  – Barnett R. Brickner

Marriage is not just about the ceremonies, it’s about how you fit into the rhythm of the new life after your wedding. Every marriage goes through ups and downs, people fight, they argue, they face various problems and hurdles but what force them to stay together is the love and the connection the couple has. People make many promises, decide various things before the marriage but do these things really work after the wedding? It’s true that things change, conditions change and moreover we become mature with the time and our way of handling things change. It’s all about adapting the new things but there are few essential key points of a healthy  marriage.

1. Love/Commitment

successful marriage

There’s no definition of love, it’s not that thing which we see on screen, on television, in films.. It’s a feeling which lasts forever, it’s something that is important even if you are far away from each other, you must know that this is a commitment which should not break due to any reason. Love leads to commitment and this feeling lasts forever.

2. Connection

successful marriage

When you love someone, you feel  a connection and that’s mandatory. This connection is the purest thing, sometimes you don’t even have  to express the love in words, say those three words or express your problems, you will just feel the thing and understand what’s running in your partner’s mind and that’s connection.

3. Patience/Forgiveness

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As we told you earlier, many things happen in a relationship, it’s a roller coaster ride but what balances the whole thing is just the patience, keep calm, understand the problem, talk to your partner or sometimes it’s better to just to be quite and forgive. Ups downs will come, you have to handle it with all the maturity and that’s the true definition of a relationship.

4. Honesty and Trust

successful marriage

These two things are the foundation of a successful marriage. It really takes time to build that trust and for that it’s important to be honest with your partner. It’s a selfless thing, never hide anything from your partner. It may hurt your partner at that particular time but it’s much better than hiding, you partner will gradually start trusting you, as he/she knows that you won’t hide things from them, you’re loyal and this will lead to a successful marriage.

5. Time/Communication

successful marriage

If you really want to invest somwhere, invest your time in your relationship, give your partner some quality time, talk ans communicate, discuss your problems, share the love you have. It’s not about how much time you spend, it’s about how well are you spending that particular time with your spouse. Today, everyone is running here and there, but what’s missing is just the time for your loved ones. So, give your spouse some quality time, talk, discuss and communicate.

These were 5 essential key points for a healthy and successful marriage. Believe us, these things are the foundation that will lead to a beautiful life ahead. Money doesn’t matter, it’s not really important how much you earn and how much other people value you, it’s important to value the real relationships, and all it takes is just little efforts. Take some time out and express your love to your spouse, talk to them, build that connection and trust. It really works!

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