[5 Best] Skincare Tips For Winter Brides

[5 Best] Skincare Tips For Winter Brides 1


 Skincare Tips For Winter Brides


Winter is the most favourite season for many because there’s no sweat, less dirt and we get the best feeling when sun kisses our face. But winters also come with some cons, due to the dry air our skin also becomes dry, rough and scaly.

So, are you getting married in winters? Are you a winter bride? Then your first priority should be you skin. Taking care of skin in winters can be tough, you need to invest some of your time in skin care and if it’s your wedding, then you need to follow some winter skin care regime. Here are top 5 Skin Care tips for all the brides who are getting married in winter.

Drink Water

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Drinking water is the key. All your skincare starts with drinking ample of water. Water removes all the toxins from the body and keep it hydrated from within. Believe us, drink 3-4 litres of water a day and keep the dermatologist away!

Moisturizer Is Your Best Friend

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Everyone moisturises at least once in a day but winters bring the need of extra moisturizing. Apply the moisturizer atleast thrice in a day, it sounds difficult but it’s not, it’s necessary.

Keep a small pack of moisturizer in your bag and apply it whenever you get time. When your moisturizing  your face and body, don’t forget to apply lip balm, dry lips doesn’t look good.

Exercise, Meditate, Stay Happy!

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Laughter is the best medicine, so smile, stay calm, exercise, mediate and rehearse it everyday. Going gym is not necessary, you just need to move your body, because as much as you sweat, you skin becomes glowy, healthy and beautiful.

Avoid Stress, You’re The Bride

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Hey! Stress kaiko leti ho? Take a chill-pill. Yes, because your stress reflects from your skin, the more you take stress, your skin becomes dull. So, don’t take stress, stay happy and calm.

Sleep, Eat, Skincare, Repeat

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This should be your ultimate Mantra. Sleeping, exercising, meditating, releases the stress. Eat fresh vegetables and fruit, feed your skin with all the vitamins and minerals.

Have a balanced diet, don’t eat too much oily or junk, not just for your wedding but lifelong.

Are you following these 5 tips?

If not, then start doing this from now and you’re all ready to shine and look the most beautiful on your D-Day. Wedchief.com wishes you all the happiness for your new journey.

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